Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hello Resolvers. Hello to you all.

If the revolution comes, I won't be too suprised or all that disappointed. Indeed, I tried to write a patriotic poem on 4 July 2004 that started:
And if America should fall,
Make haste! Make haste!
Let it fall swiftly

But as for resolutions, I'm often caught off guard. The gym, which last week was nearly empty with certain implements of exercise covered in dust and cobwebs, was today teaming with life [1]. If I were just a little more misanthropic, I would avoid gyms, pools, health food stores, and the more literary sections of books stores until March. I'm not, though, so I don'. Though there is a danger in appearing to be one of "those people", those fairweather resolvers. No, no--one wants to say--I eat organic grains all the time, and I read real books by authors like Turgenev and Fitzgerald, Really! It is good to be young and vain. So: hello fellow resolvers. Let's fail together!

"Wake up the King. Wake up the Queen.
Everybody laugh. Everybody sing.
It's over." [2]


[1] Truthfully, I only joined the gym last month and only went a couple times. Still, I feel I have a right to feel superior to all those new yearies, even though I am just as out of shape as they are.

[2] Beulah. Hello Resolven.


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